Bookmakers Policy

The Richmond Turf Club Inc Bookmakers’ Policy and requirements are as follows:

  1. The Club conducts an open ring at their race meetings.
  2. The aim of the Club’s policy is to ensure the provision and maintenance of a comprehensive bookmaking service at each race meeting. The Club also wishes to ensure bookmakers are able to achieve sufficient turnover to maintain their viability.
  3. The Club will make available three (3) bookmaker stand positions in its betting ring for use at its race meetings. The physical position of the bookmaker stands is as set out in the betting area.
  4. Bookmakers should advise the Club Secretary at least five (5) days before the race meeting to indicate their intention to field. For new bookmakers, notification to operate at the Club’s race meeting must be lodged with the Club Secretary, fourteen (14) days prior to the race meeting for consideration.
  5. Bookmakers must field with a computerised recoding system for all races. No exceptions.
  6. Based on historical processes and bookmaker attendance, the Club is satisfied to allow the fielding bookmakers to determine the stand allocations between themselves. In the event of any dispute between the bookmakers regarding stand allocations, the Club President and one member of the Executive Committee will conduct a random draw to allocate the stand positions.
  7. Bookmakers may not re-position their stands without Club Committee consent or take up excessive space outside the bookmakers allocated area in the betting ring. Electrical outlets will be available. Tables, betting boards and TVs are to be provided by the bookmaker.
  8. A bookmaker or bookmakers may be positioned in the marquee area of the venue, if the Club feels necessary and is at the Club’s discretion. This/these bookmaker/bookmakers will be selected by the Club Committee.
  9. Bookmakers must do their own set up, pull down and leave the area in a tidy condition as required by the Club. Bins are provided and to be used for all betting slips. If not in tidy condition at end of event, charges for cleaning may be imposed.
  10. The decision of the Club Committee on the allocation of bookmaker stand positions is final.
  11. Bookmakers or Bookmakers’ clerks or employees, not adhering to all or part of this policy and bringing racing into disrepute, may be asked to leave the venue. Any issues relating to bookmakers are not to be raised on race day as our voluntary race committee is short staffed and issues are to go directly to the race day Stewards.
  12. The Club Committee reserves the right to review and amend this policy as required.

Approved by Richmond Turf Club Committee

5 July 2023